Three Key Elements to Throwing Great Party

Are you thinking about throwing a party? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Does it seem overwhelming?

Would you like it to be great? Who wouldn’t?

I remember the first time my husband and I ever threw a party. What a disaster! It was a long time ago and, at that time, parties were much more simple. We didn’t have much money. We had no real sense of who to invite and why we were inviting them. We really had no plan at all. And we had no guidance. I bet you can imagine how that turned out 🙁

Flash forward, today. A great party in today’s world has “come a long way baby!” They are much more carefully planned, and much more fun. It’s easy to walk away from a party today feeling a deep sense of accomplishment for the party you’ve planned and executed and for your individual creativity in making it fit your personal goals.

So, how do you throw a great party? Here are three key things to keep in mind.

1. Know the purpose of the party. That’s pretty much the theme. Is it a:
baby shower?
a birthday party?
a cocktail party?
The purpose of the party will pretty much dictate who the crowd will be.

2. Know your crowd. Is this party:
for women and girls only?
for couples?
for mixed ages?
for guys only?
for children?
Knowing your crowd and your budget gives definition to where you’ll host, how many guests you’ll invite, and how much you’ll decorate.

3. Know your budget. This seems simple enough but there’s more than meets the eye to knowing your budget. A great party can be had on a shoestring if you are focused and careful. Knowing your budget lets you decide:
how many guests you can accommodate
what the venue will be
what you’ll serve
what kind of entertainment you’ll have

Once you’ve answered all of the above questions, you’re ready to plan and get your party on.

Be sure to check back at your for how-to instructions on specific party types.

Have you any other thoughts on Key elements for planning a party? What’s worked for you? What’s been a disaster? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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