10 Things I Absolutely Love About My Spouse

My Love

My Love

Valentines day is here once again. That age old holiday where we stop and make a mental note of those we love and outwardly display  our love and affection. It’s just a day but it has become important as the years go by and as life becomes more rushed and busy. When our children were young, we would share valentine cards and chocolate hearts, a stuffed sweetheart toy and perhaps some other token that spoke of our love for one another. Although it’s really just another day I love that it causes me to figuratively “stop and smell the roses.” Here are 10 things I absolutely love about my spouse: 

10.   He is like the energizer bunny. He is silly and he loves to make me and others laugh.

9.     He always shows me how much he loves me and in case I didn’t “get it,” he tells me how much he loves me. He is affectionate.

8.   He is an optimist ~ he loves to bring the sunshine to others, and sunshine he does bring;-)

7.   He is a great guitarist and he serenades me, anytime, anywhere.

The one I love

The one I love

6.   He has a heart of gold especially for the frail and elderly. He is kind and good to me and everyone he meets.

5.   He can solve any problem, for anyone. He is my hero and hero to others.

4.   He loves me unconditionally. He senses my needs and attends to them unconditionally all the time.

3.   He prays with me.

2.   He is a careful risk taker and a motivated, hard worker even when he’s tired. He always makes me proud to belong to him.

1.   He is my cheerleader, my best friend, my lover, my companion, the father of our  children, and he’s soooo handsome.

How about you? Have you stopped to make a mental list of the things you love about your spouse? It actually takes time so take the time and do it. Once you start you won’t have enough space to say all you want to say. The ancient poet, Virgil said, “Love begets love.”

Leave a comment. Just click the box below. What are some things you love about your spouse?

Go forth and share the love… <3 Peace <3 

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2 comments on “10 Things I Absolutely Love About My Spouse
  1. Frankie Boy says:

    You are:

    .A great wife
    2.A loyal friend
    3.Passionate in your beliefs.
    4.Super creative and talented
    5.Firm in your convictions.
    6.Resolute in your goals
    7.A wonderful Minama
    8.A great cook
    9.A good listener
    10.A loyal partner

    I love you dearly.

  2. Frankie Boy says:

    Ditto. Love you too.

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