Baby Grandmas Require a Game plan

“Just about the time she thinks her work is done, a Mother becomes a Grandmother.”

Soon to be parents have a game plan. The expectant mother keeps a packed bag ready for the big day. The expectant father does his part to get the nursery ready, walls painted, furniture assembled, shades and curtain rods installed. Expectant dads have the car fueled and ready to zip Mom off to the hospital when labor sounds the alarm of impending delivery. Family and neighbors are cued in to how they’ll be put on notice of baby’s arrival.

But what about grandparents? In particular, what about Grandma? After all, Grandma is a key player in all the hullabaloo. Right? It’s true that the excited parents will call Mother to say baby is finally on his way but beyond that, there is no real game plan for Grandma. It’s time to make that plan.

Grandmas need a packed bag too.

  • They’ll need something presentable to slip into if labor catches them off guard. A comfy jogging suit would be very suitable for such occasions. Jogging suits afford comfort for the long haul of sitting and waiting, standing and waiting, pacing and waiting, and waiting… They look good too.
  • Grandmas need some freshen up makeup, a hairbrush and some light scented cologne mist. A small pillow and a book or crossword puzzle comes in handy for the ultra long labor. If labor begins in the middle of the night Grandma might only need a large bottle of water but a package of cookies or a bag of pretzels would be helpful to pass the long hours of watching hospital personnel come and go, go and come.
  • If labor begins during the day more substantial food products come in handy. Grandmas are probably expected to have enough on hand for the extended family that descends upon the hospital in eager anticipation of baby’s birth. Although no one tells you this, you should probably bring a scrabble game to help while away the hours.
  • While the new mother is busy huffing and puffing, shouting and pushing, Grandmas must remain primped and ready at short notice to get a few photos with brand new grandchild upon his or her, or “their” arrival.
  • Grandmas must have a contact list ready at all times so they can announce baby’s arrival to all concerned friends and extended family. These days, Moms and Dads take care of immediate family and their own friends.
  • Grandmas should have prepped themselves with a parenting refresher course long before baby’s due date. They can never be sure( if) or when their advice will be solicited.
  • Grandmas need a strong sense of humor and lots of patience.

Nowadays, Grandmas play an integral role in the beautiful arrival of a new baby. But most of all, most of all…

Grandmas are needed to share their absolute love. They are needed to support the new mom. They are most likely the ones to empathize with new mom and see that she has all her needs attended to for both safety and comfort. They are needed to encourage the new dad. They are most likely the ones to realize and remember the hands on help they would have liked from Grandpa when his own children were born and they are best equipped to calmly encourage new Dad to take a lead in caring for new baby.

“Grandparents are parents who have a second chance.”

Grandparents sing and dance for baby.

Grandparents read to baby.

Grandparents coddle baby.

Grandparents let baby explore.

Grandparents spoil baby ~ just a little, just enough.

Grandparents give baby wings to grow.

… and in case you didn’t know, A Grandpa is a man Grandma!

What say you about grandparents. Please share your thoughts.


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