Every Day is Mother’s Day ~ Mother ~ A Phenomenal Woman

\mu th er: 1. a female parent. 2. one’s female parent. 3. a term of address for female parent or a woman having or regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent. 4. a term of address for an old or elderly woman. 5. a woman exercising control , influence, or authority like that of a mother: to be a mother to someone. 6. something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else; origin or source.
MOTHER, I say her name with reverence, with awe.

She is truly a “Phenomenal Woman.” Thank you, Maya Angelou, for penning this term. Our mother, mother of nine children by birthing, mother of all in wisdom and grace, she really is phenomenal.

I close my eyes and transport to my childhood, to our home. Children playing, children studying, boys wrestling, wrapping and rubber banding newspapers, laughter, song, endless sound… happy chatter-
Rumbling tummies in response to the aroma wafting from the kitchen as mother prepares yet another simple (but to us kids, gourmet) meal.

Our mother, our mother, a graceful woman by any definition, but beyond graceful, a hard working, loving, nurturing, penny wise, prudent wife, a family manager whom others could come to in times of need, that’s our mother. And she always respected our father.

I never recall our mother gossiping or using foul language.

With nine children she could manage to keep a neat, clean house, cook meals, help with homework, walk to ball fields with toddlers in tow (she didn’t drive), and get us all home after one or more of our brothers played ball, scrub us clean, and get us to bed, only to begin again in the morning.

Terms that describe our Mother… Phenomenal, graceful, loving

I look back on the values instilled in each of us as children, and once again, revere the woman that drove the lessons home by her quiet example:

  • honor your parents
  • help one another
  • say your prayers
  • sing
  • dance
  • fulfill your responsibilities
  • be kind to the elderly
  • be good to those less fortunate
  • don’t judge others
  • respect your elders
  • respect yourself
  • love one another
  • don’t take what isn’t yours
  • share what you have
  • family is most important

The order of these things isn’t important because she expected all these things. Did we fall short? Often. Were/are we perfect? Nope. But, as I sit today with my family, nuclear and extended, I realize how very much we love one another and keep one another in check. I realize that graceful, loving, and phenomenal are perfect terms to describe our mother. I realize that, without a doubt, our strengths came from a humble woman, who did her job and took care of her family selflessly, and lovingly. There is none among us nine that does not revere, Mother.

For our family, every day is Mother’s Day.

What positive terms to you use to define “MOTHER?” Please leave a comment in the box below.


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