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What to Do When He Asks to Marry Your Daughter

SHE’S THE APPLE of YOUR EYE   You’ve loved her and protected her and hopefully taught her how to be self sufficient. You say you don’t have a double standard and you believe it with all your heart. Then one

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Ya Don’t Control a Three Year Old! But You Can Broaden His Horizons

Our grandson is three. Yes, there it is. I’ve admitted it out loud. As anyone with a three year old knows, he “rules” your world. When you’re dealing with a three year old, you need to get down like a

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Make Sure Brain is Engaged Before Putting Mouth into Gear

“Laughter is part of the human┬ásurvival kit.” ~ David Nathan     Have you ever had an absolutely ridiculous moment? One that you wanted to crawl under a rock about? One that makes you fall over laughing many years later?

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Baby Grandmas Require a Game plan

“Just about the time she thinks her work is done, a Mother becomes a Grandmother.” Soon to be parents have a game plan. The expectant mother keeps a packed bag ready for the big day. The expectant father does his

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